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My name is Esther Passaris born in Mombasa and proud to be Kenyan. Seven years ago I started a project named Adopt A Light primarily to address highway lighting. While researching the impact of lighting on insecurity and how it affects people’s lives I was led into the slums of Nairobi, Kenya where we introduced high mast lighting.

My journey through the slums of Kenya where poverty stares from each and every corner led me to incorporate The Driving Kenya Foundation (DKF).  To ensure that we achieve the objective of the foundation which is “A Kenya, Free of Poverty”, we identified ten major problems which need to be addressed in order to achieve this vision.  In support of this drive, DKF will have a membership structure ranging from partners, trustees, advisers, members, donors, elders and volunteers.

The Driving Kenya Foundation as a nonprofit charitable organization seeks to harness the collective intellectual, capabilities, material and finance resources of Kenyans and other well – wishers in a national effort to eradicate poverty from our communities. One In A Million is the vehicle through which the foundation will fund raise. It will address itself to corporate and individuals who are ready to make a commitment of financial resources or any other acceptable contributions to the improvement of the growing myriads problems of despair, poverty, unemployment that many Kenyans are faced with in the urban slums and rural centres as well.

Visit this link xxx to learn more about the specific target areas of concern that the contributions will be channeled to. In 2007 One In A Million website was launched but I had it pulled down as a result of the volatile conditions prevailing during the 2007 General Elections which spilled over to year 2008. However, during the short period the website was online we were very encouraged by the thousands of subscribers who registered with us.

Kenyans are ready for change. This change can only be effective if we own it and somehow drive it. These comments from some of the subscribers say it all for us.

I think this is a very noble idea and I am behind it 100%. I am willing to contribute to the best of my ability and trust and believe God is going to bless you and guide you through this project” and “Hoping that the foundation will challenge us-youth-through information technology. We are our country’s strength. This is a fresh baby start for Passaris and again, she has made it. She is faithful to what exists within herself and it is time for us to deliver!! Hoping that my contribution will assist to buy computers and connect internet to rural areas of Kenya. Let’s join hands!

We intend to achieve these objectives and start positively addressing these problems by having Kenyans  contributing to the foundation, for as little as a monthly contribution of Kshs 100/= for individuals and Kshs 10,000 for corporate and retail organizations, we can transform our country.

Register as members by picking your sponsorship category, your area of concern and choose your mode of contribution. We will collect and use your personal information only for purposes described in our Privacy Policy.

We aim to demonstrate what difference One In A Million will make in the lives of Kenyans by showing you the areas in which the Foundation will make significant investments. Further detailed information of where the contributions will be applied will be available online. All donations will be accounted for and we pledge 95% to the projects.

Let us pull together and free Kenya of Poverty! Kenyans for Kenyans let that be our Driving Motto!

Alone we can do nothing, but together we can do something beautiful for God.  Mother Teresa

Thank You and God Bless.

Esther Passaris.





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